Thursday, October 2, 2008


How many guns have we seen so far and what kinds. The SOA are a gun running club they have a few other exploits but there trade really seems to be guns and protection. So far there ar aleast 20 scenes with guns. I haven't made out any of these guns yet, but I think it's about time to start compiling the list.

Ulitmate Guide to SOA patches

The list of patches and symbols from the SAMCRO club is coming. Watch closely to the next show and you'll see that different members have different patches and that different patches have different meanings the grim reaper in the center also has meaning. In addition have you caught a glimpse of the tribe patches or the Mayans patches. these are a little harder to see but we can put two and two together to determine the meanings of these patches.

Scott Glenn the orignal Clay

So Scott Glenn was shoot as the original clay in the original pilot. I would love to get just a small taste of what that was like. I can't see anybody doing a better job then Ron Perlman. He's played the leader of the club like a champ, but it would be interesting to see the differences between these two actors playing the role.

SAMCRO Acronym

So there's been lots of talk already about the Sons of Anarchy. Here's a little bit of info. SAMCRO or SAMCROW as seen several times stands for "Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club Redwood Original", Sons of Anarchy is the club name, Redwood Original is the original club.

SAMCROW is seen several times in the show this is just a play on their letters "SAMCRO" is the real logo and worn on their jackets.

SOA Brutaility

SOA Brutality - So this show has started out with a bang any idea how many brutal or action packed things have occurred since the start. We'll here's my attempt at a stab it.

Episode 1.

Mayans burn down SOA gun storage, probably unkown to them that two mexian girls where hiding out there.

Shoot out at the Mayans club house leaves one Mayan dead.

Episode 2.

Jaxs gets cut off on the side of the rode, and decides to use a guys head to store the sharp end of an axe handle.

Girl gets attacked.

Gang trackers down attacker and cuts of attackers balls.

Episode 3.

Shoot at on the road to the tribes club.

Jaxs start full gang shoot out with Mayans.

Episode 4.

Ex Club Member comes to town, Opie beats the snot out of him.

Ex club member didn't remove his SOA tattoo, so they torch it off for him.

Prisoner protected from gang beating results in gang fight.

Asians try to shoot it out with SOA to get prisoner.

Burn Tattoo

Still going strong, Sons of Anarchy keeps the action moving this week with a couple new items. An expelled member comes to town, and protecting a guy from the Asians.

The rules of the club, are fairly simple. Break the rules and lots of bad stuff can happen, being removed from the club is one of these.

When you no longer belong to the club you are not allowed to were the patches. In this episode an ex club member comes to town sporting a SOA tattoo. The club decides to remove it with a torch.

I'm going to post some info on the club logos, rules, and new info about Jaxs, best friend "Opie".

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

ATF Agent

So how long will the ATF agent live?

So here he is a ATF agent sitting on enough gun dealing information to put away the entire gang, but he's not here for the guns. He's here for Jax's ex-girlfriend. A stalker ATF agent sure makes the story interesting.

He has go pictures of the shoot out at the tribe's club.

I'm betting this guy's got three episodes to live.